1930 Prohibition Punches A book of Beverage by Roxan B. Doran


Noontime, when shadowless gardens fl.aunt their richest hues; when the upturned faces of full– blown flowers blush under the warmth of the sun's caress! The time for light and color and gay activity-for the bridge luncheon and the formal breakfast. Time for the hostess, too, to don her richest colors and array her table likewise. Riot– ous color in her centerpiece of dowers; a flood of sunshine in the room, glowing through draperies that carry out the cheerful note. Noontime is the wide-awake hour, when all the world's a-hum. Splashes of color in the fruit cup or cocktail glass awaiting the luncheon guests may serve to accentuate this noontime mood. No halftones needed here. The crimson red of strawberry; the gold of peach or apricot; the brilliant hue of the orange and perhaps a bold dash of green cherry or mint-these are the colors for the mid-day fruit dish. There is a fascination in preparing the color scheme for any party, and especially for the luncheon or bridge when the character of dishes served lends itself so well to delightfully interest– ing effects and is a splendid foil for a clever 21

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