1930 Prohibition Punches A book of Beverage by Roxan B. Doran


Mid-afternoon calls to mind many scenes. Formal t eas in the drmYing r oom of some Cabinet official's home on a Wednesday afternoon in Washington; less formal t eas around a cozy table laden with dainty thi1ws in vom· home or mine; . a • and the garden parties that liven up the warm- weather months wher ever a garden gTows. Naturally my mind turns to the most inter– esting afternoon scene in my store of memories– the charm of the picturesque parties that have graced the g r een slopes of the South gardens at the vVhite House dming Maytime for more than a century. Scarcely a lady who has been mistress of that hi storic mansion but has entertained at some time on the cool shaded South lawn, which today overlooks the Mall, but once afforded glimpses of a winding stream-an arm of the Potomac--on ·whose blue-green surface lan– quished lazy sails and gayly colored canoes. I seem to see the gleam of gold against white uniforms as immaculate young aides bend to catch the words of feminine guests strolling about the garden, their flowered gowns and wide-brimmed hats forming a lovely picture beside their tall escorts . I hear the low tones of a great man acknowledging countless greetings from his posi- 31

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