1930 Prohibition Punches A book of Beverage by Roxan B. Doran




3 dozen lemons 11lz dozen oranges 6

quarts strawberries


cans No. 2 shredded pineapple quarts freshly made strong tea

3 9 6 2

cups sugar cups water

quarts Apollinaris (or more)

11z teaspoon sa lt Boil the sugar and water together to make a hea \"." sy rup , Lind chill. Cut the large berries in thirds or ha lves and crush the remainder. Scrub the oranges and lemons, and after the juice is extracted, cover the skins with water and l0t them stand for an hour or longer. Then pour off the water and add it to the fruit juice. Combine all the i11g r ed ients and add chopped ice until thoroughly cold. Just before serving add the Apollinaris, and if the punch is too strong, add ice water iu small quantities until it is the flavor desired. This makes about five gallons of punch. Mrs. Arthur '.\1. Hyde (Wife of the Secretary of Agriculture)


1 quart cold water

2 cups fresh chopped pine-

2 cups sugar

apple 11z cup lemon juice

1 cup of orange juice Boil water and sugar together about twenty minutes, or until it forms a syrup. Set it aside to cool. When cool add pineapple and fruit juices. Chill. Strain if desired and if necessary dilute with ice water. To vary it you may add grape juice or ginger ale with the other fruit juices. Mrs. Clyde Kelly (Wife of Rep . Clyde Kelly of Penna.)

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