1930 Prohibition Punches A book of Beverage by Roxan B. Doran


A Winter scene suggests itself. A great roar– ing log in a Georgian fireplace sends its glow into the room where a small group is gathered 'round an informal circle while the hostess brews a de– licious concoction of her own. Into her teapot she has dropped the fragrant leaves of tea, and then a generous slice of orange (and if desired, one of lemon, too). On this she is pouring the boiling water from a singing kettle. It is only with the water at boiling point that the full :flavor of 1 the fruit is extracted. Perhaps you prefer your tea with cream-or straight. She has a tea-ball at hand, and can serve you your favorite variety. But try thisi of hers just once, I beg of you. A drink calculated to warm the mind and lift the spirit, with its suggestion of fruit juices mingled with the brew. Sunset hour is the hour for confidences ; for little intimate exchanges around just such a cozy fire as this. A time of relaxation. Scientists and men of medicine tell us that there are two physical "zero hours" in our twenty-four-four o 'clcok in the morning, when so many souls take :Bight and life is at its lowest ebb, and again, late in the afternoon when our vitality gradually has been worn down to another low ebb and our system is


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