1930 Prohibition Punches A book of Beverage by Roxan B. Doran



wiches, furnish an interesting substitute for nine– teenth century cocktails. With the dinner there will be a place on the menu for a fruit drink a s well a s a po ss ible fruit cup or sherbet to go with the meat cou rse, cl epend– ing upon the degree of formality of th e meal.

STRAWBERRY COCKTAIL Mash 1 quart berries Add juice of 1 lemon Add juice of 1 orange

2 cups of sugar 6 cups of water Leave for 2 hours Stir until sugar dissolves Strain through cloth Serve very cold in cocktail g lasses Add three berries to each g lass Mrs. Frederick C. Billa rd (Wife of the Commandant of the Coast Guard)

WHITE FRUIT CUP One cup each of white grapes, fresh pineapple, canned Bartlett p ears, and grapefruit. Skin the grapes, r emove seeds, and quarter. Skin, section and cut up the grapefruit. Cut pineapple and pears fine. Cover with the juice of the pears. Add the j uice of one lemon and sugar to taste. Let stand in refrigerator at least two hours. Garnish with Rubyettes or any preferred tou ch of color . Mrs. Ella A. Boole, President National W. C. T. U. (From "The Ladies Home Journal")

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