1930 Prohibition Punches A book of Beverage by Roxan B. Doran




3 lemons 1 orange 1/z can pineapple

Measure these ingredients, then add nnc-h:tlf of lh:it :rn1 0 11111 of water, and the other half of White Hoc:k. ::\Irs . J 0 !111 B. l l1~ ud c rso n

Henderson Castle Washington, D. C.

This punch, one of the simplest in our collec– tion, is in a manner of speaking a punch with a background. Doubtless it bas tempted the appe– tite of more celebrities, diplomats, statesmen, authors, playwrights, and social lig hts, than any other fruit juice drink in the world today. For it is one of the favorite beverages of Mrs. John B. Henderson, mistress of the great brownstone Nor– man pile on the Sixteenth Street hill in Wash– ington, known as the playground of the diplomats. Mrs. Henderson, in addition to taki 11g· n111lcr her wing hosts of our foreign envoys, their secre– taries and members of their familil's, a nd throw– ing wide to them her hospitable doors, is 1101- crl. for her early stand for prohibition. Many years ago, before the idea of a national law was contem– plated, Mrs. Henderson made a decision which was to revolutionize her form of entertainment in a manner which showed amazing independence of spirit, in view of the fa.ct that scarcely a com-

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