1930 Prohibition Punches A book of Beverage by Roxan B. Doran



some grown-ups present, too-have a fruit sher– bet together with simple little cakes or cookies, in lieu of the richer ice creams. r:I.'hcr c is less likely to be an epidemic of tummy-aches in t he neighborhood the morning after! Let me tell you of a fascinating setting for a children's party that I had the pleasure of seeing not so long ago. It is the playroom belonging to five of the nation's bes t known youngsters-the "five little J's "-children of the Secretary of Labor and Mrs. James J. Davis. This playroom is on the top floor of the Secretary's palatial Massachu– setts Avenue home in Washington . Its broad windows overlook a sunny o-arden transformed into an outdoor playground ~vhich would delight any six-year-old heart. And within the room– I can hear the oh's and ah's of tiny gues ts now, as they come upon the scene-every sort of toy imaginable to amuse a youno-ster from the tod– dling age on up. Boys and gi~ls alike find enough to keep them amused indefinitely in this sanctum of the little J's; Jimmie, Jean, Jane, Joan and J ewel. Of course there's a playhouse with elec– tric lights, a spotless kitchen, bedrooms, bath and all that goes to make up an ideal doll's abode. There are all sorts of games-block games, map puzzles, dominoes, checkers, almost any game a small boy might like to try his hand at. And sit– ting in a row around the wall-dolls and more

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