1930 Prohibition Punches A book of Beverage by Roxan B. Doran



with sugar, and it is a very fine drink; but, it being new, I was doubtful whether it might not do me hurt.'' Despite his doubts , the drink did no t p ro ve fa– tal, we gather, as the next day he was up and about hi s business , as lively as eve r! Thomas J effer son, we a ll kn ow, w Rs fa mous fo r hi s democratic hospi ta lity-neve r mor e gener ous– ly dispensed than when he en.i oyell the life of t he r etired country gentleman at bis home, Mo nte– cello. Of the many r efreshing chinks he oft en served to t rave l-wea r y g uests arrivin g- a t hi s Virginia homes tead on a wa rm summ er' s day none was mor e delight ful, I am sur e, than thi s delicious concoction: Beat the yolk and whi te of an egg sep aratPly a nd add OJH' tablespoon of sugar to th e yolk and one cup of un fc nnented grape j uice. H eat over hot wa ter un til slight ly thi ckened, fo ld in the stiffly beaten egg white with a pinch of s:1 lt, bea t for two minutes while over the hot wate1·. ·when the egg white is incorporated and the Beverage very hot, ser ve at once. Thomas J efferson (Baltimore & Ohi o Railroad ) All -of us are familiar with the story of the Ha yes administra tion; wit h the deci sion made by Mrs. Hayes t o bani sh wines and liquors from the White House t able; her husband's quiet ac– quiescence in the face of political ridicul e, based upon his openly expressed desire to ''set a prec-

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