1930 Prohibition Punches A book of Beverage by Roxan B. Doran



edent for the general health of the country," even though, as we are told by some contemporary writers, he himself had heretofore enjoyed his cocktail with the best of them. From the day that he took office, we are informed, the strongest beverage that passed bis lips was a fruit punch. No donbt there are many "old-timers" who re– call the heyday of the 'N aldorf-Astoria in New York, some twenty-odd yea r s ago, when a then famous cream-and-White-Rock-drink was served at banquets and dinners to those gentlemen who did not care for liquors, yet wished ,to sip liquid refreshments with their meals. As nearly as I can recall, this drink, often described to me by fri ends , consisted of equal parts of cream and \Vbite Rock sweetened with a little sugar, and shalrnn up cocktail fashion.

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