1930 Prohibition Punches A book of Beverage by Roxan B. Doran


''There's nothing new under the sun .'' \Vell we know the truth of th nt time-worn phrase and so, in passing , a ssure a ny who may have paused beside om' di a l tha t we h ave not offered our suggestions as ''original'' r ecipes , but rather as "favorites" of tho se who so gener– ously have contributed. 'Round the dial from morning till night with our fruit jui ces , you ma y not find more than one, or two ideas that will be new to all of you. But p erha p s they ma y spur your imaginations to concoct new r ecipes for yourselves. One word more-for the conveni ence of host– esses we have divided the recipes into chapters, suggesting appropriate times for their use . But, naturally, many beverages of this type a re just as appropriate at one hour as at another-so accept our "dialing" not too seriously, we beg of you; should your taste fail to be served at the ''Top o' the Morning,'' then sea rch among the ''Moonlight Shadows on the Dial' '-you may find just the drink of your dreams.


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