1930 Shake'Em up by Virginia Elliott and Phil D. Stong


For the Party "Which You Know Will Be Too Much For You, certain preparatory meas ures,less pessimistic than the Making ofa Will, may be taken: A Great Actress eats a can of cold tomatoes. A quart of milk is a conservative prepara tion. A physician recommends a large plate of green pea soup. A Can of Tomato Juice, highly seasoned with cayenne and black pepper, warns the proper authorities to be on their guard. A Pony of Olive Oil is reputed to coat the stomach lining and ameliorate the wear and tear of subsequent beverages. (In one case this is known to have failed miserably; the question brought up was. Would anything have done any good.?) A quantity of Moderately Broiled Bacon achieves the same effect. These should be taken, of course, as imme diately before drinking as is practicable. Stom achs are as eccentric as their owners, naturally, and if they don't respond to one of these pre cautions, they may to another.


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