1930 Shake'Em up by Virginia Elliott and Phil D. Stong

have taken the simple precaution to invite The Blonde. If Father's Frustration happens to be present, hand the shaker to him,drop a cloth on a tray, spread your canape mixture on toast rings or wafers, chill the glasses by whirling a piece of ice in each of them, place them in a circle on the tray, take the cocktail napkins from the drawer, slide the canape platter on one side of the tray and march into the living-room to the mental strains of "Apres Midi d'lm Faun." Never ask the Artist of the Shaker to come to the kitchen for his implement, as the rest of the guests are likely to follow him and spoil the triumphal entry. They are also likely to be in your wav. The amount of bread used in a canape should be measured according to the capacities and ten dencies of your guests. If they are the kind who will sit looking poignantly at the empty shaker until you are compelled to make the fifth round, and subsequently to watch the destruction of your dinner service, use plenty of bread. It's good blotting paper. Coasters are a snare and a delusion. Besides annoying your guests, they are seldom needed and they complicate life unreasonably. Instead of using them, give all furniture in the line of


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