1930 Shake'Em up by Virginia Elliott and Phil D. Stong

OLD-FASHIONED BACAEDI COCKTAIL Season one glass of Bacardi rum with the juice of one lime and a teaspoon of sugar.

OLD-FASHIONED COCKTAIL These should be made in heavy-bottomed glasses manufactured for the purpose. Into each glass put one lump of sugar, dash a httle Angostura Bitters onto the sugar, then crush. Drop one cube of ice into the glass, fill with whiskey (rye or Scotch). Garnish with half a ring of orange, or a twist of lemon peel. Do not stir, but serve with a cocktail or coffee spoon.

RYE AND GRAPEFRUIT JUICE One part grapefruit juice,two parts rye whis key,onelump of ice. Stir very gently and drink


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