1930 Shake'Em up by Virginia Elliott and Phil D. Stong


When you owe thousands and thousands o£ people entertainment, and life's fair prospects have dimmed out in the ungrateful certainty that you are going to have to cook company dinners for years and years, the easy thing is to give a Big Party—in the late afternoon. This method of settling social obligations with one big check need not be completely intolerable. The alternative is to get everyone fairly pie- eyed. Anyone who gives a Big Party for any other reason than social stress should go back to the land from which he came. Eight people are enough for a Brawl,six for a Riot,and four for Fun. With two guests you can get your bridge played. If you are entertaining ten or more guests you had better have punch. With enough as sistance you can serve cocktails to far more people than this, of course, but your whole evening will be spoiled. It isn't always necessary to serve sandwiches and canapes at either a Big Party or a Cocktail party. On a table—^preferably across the room


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