1930 Shake'Em up by Virginia Elliott and Phil D. Stong

PLUMBING FIXTURES The weariest thing in the world is to make the long trek between the bed of pain and the bathroom only to find that the green depths of the Acid Acetylsalicylic bottle are as empty as Life's fair promises of the previous evening. If you are a Guest,take a potion from any of the small bottles marked with a skull and cross- bones. This will occasion your hosts enough embarrassment to ensure their reform. They may even be hanged,if you arrange things clev erly, which is the Ideal, of course. If it is your own home,check your bathroom commissary by the following list, at the first presages of a party: 1 bottle 100 aspirin tablets. 1 pint or more lime water. 1 large bottle Fruit Salts. 1 flacon ammoniac smelling salts. 1 large bottle aromatic spirits of ammonia. ' 1 tin bicarbonate of soda. 1 bottle milk of magnesia. 1 bottle mercurochrome (for wounds). 1 bottle rubbing alcohol (for sprains or se vere contusions). Thelime water,if gargled after the teeth are brushed, will make the interior of the mouth quite inhabitable.


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