1930 Shake'Em up by Virginia Elliott and Phil D. Stong


For making non-alcoholic gin, the following formula, which your druggist will fill for you, supplies the best flavoring: Juniper, 24 drops; angelica, 2 drops; anise, 1 drop;tincture of sweet orange,2 drops. Have these ingredients mixed in a two-ounce bottle, and fill the bottle with non-alcoholic (you ass) alcohol, before measuring the drops for the fol lowing process. Use one part non-alcoholic alcohol to two parts water. Thus—for a quart of non-alco holic gin,take 11/3cups non-alcoholic alcohol, 6 drops of flavoring mixture described above, and 1^ teaspoons glycerine, and shake to gether. Then add 2 2/3 cups distilled water. The longer these elements are allowed to stand in a loosely corked bottle, the more in timate and amiable they will become.


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