1930 Shake'Em up by Virginia Elliott and Phil D. Stong



That drink is deceptive was noted many, many evenings ago,so that it is not necessary to do more here than call your attention to the fact that even the soberest of men will some times wake up and wonder what hit him after the second highball. If, after a long sleep, he judges that it was the Himalaya Mountains, he had better take two aspirin tablets with a table spoon of hot water, chewing the tablets before swallowing. (I know it's nasty. Mama's Precious, but so is bad old headache.) After a lapse of fifteen or twenty minutes,he should take, slowly, the following breakfast: 1. A Little of the Hair of the Dog that Bit Him. 2. One pint of milk. 3. A half-pint of sauerkraut or tomato juice. 4. A cup of black coffee to which has been added one teaspoon of spirits of am monia. If the case is not so serious,consisting merely of a slightly dazed feeling and a suggestion of a headache,after some Fruit Salts,or other mild


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