1930 Shake'Em up by Virginia Elliott and Phil D. Stong


after or too shortly before drinking, a good strong cathartic, of an ixnmediate nature. For legitimate nausea, milk and lime water. (And see what happens.) For fruitless nausea, almost any strongly effervescent drink, such as sal hepatica. Fruit Salts, baking soda in a glass of water strongly tinctured with lime or lemon juice—these to be sipped while smelling a bottle of ammoniac smelling salts, or spirits of ammonia. Ammonia is prescribed in all cases of throb bing headache. It steadies the heart. It is ex cellent for that form of katzenjammer in which the head seems to have been stuffed full of warm mud, also. In fact, ammonia, inhaled and imbibed, is a good bet for everything. The doses are so minute that there is virtually no chance that it will harm the patient. The citrates and the other ites and ates which are commonly recommended are fine things to let alone, unless you or your physician knows what you are doing. Always take cheer from the thought that if you are healthy enough to suffer acutely, you will probably live. Lots of rot is talked about remedies. If some of these don't cure you, there is nothing left except Blowing the Brain Out or De Consola- tione Fhilosophice.


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