1930 Swallows by Hon WM T Boothby



LAIT DE POULE (French Egg Nog) Brandy 1 jigger Bum 2 dashes Egg 2 yolks Sugar Syrup 2 spoons Hot Milk 2 jiggers Beat egg with syrup and add a little hot milk. Stir in brandy, add hot milk to fill, dash rum over top and serve with spoon.


Claret Honey

2 jiggers Curacoa


1 spoon Egg

yolk of one

Sugar Syrup ......2 spoons Spice to taste Mix all well and bring to boil in pan. Stir until smooth and sufficiently cooled. Pour into Tom and Jerry mug,spice to taste, add slice of lemon and serve with spoon.



I'A jiggers Rum

1 spoon to taste

Sugar Syrup

2 spoons Nutmeg

Hot Milk 2 jiggers Stir all in tall highball glass, grate nutmeg over and serve with spoon, (N. B.—Whisky may be substituted for brandy in this recipe.)

MILK TODDIES Choice of Liquor 1% jiggers Hot Milk

1% jiggers Stir choice of liquors with hot milk in highball glass, grate nutmeg ovei^ and serve with spoon.

MONKEY PUNCH iVi jiggers Sugar Syrup

St. Julien

1 spoon

Spice to fill Stir all in highball glass, add slice of lemon, spice to taste and serve with spoon. to taste Hot Water


Ale Pewter Mug Place an iron bar or poker heated to white heat slowly into liquid and when same is sufficiently hot serve with spoon. (N. B.—Porter may be substituted for ale in this recipe.) 4 jiggers

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