1930 Swallows by Hon WM T Boothby


below the mouth of the bottle. Retain the bottle in this position for a few moments after opening and no loss of contents can occur. Necessary accessories for the home mixer should include: Shaker (metal); stirring glass (10-ounce heavy tumbler); strainer (for use in shaker or stirring glass); pony and jigger (one and two ounce meas ures); bar spoons (for stirring and measuring); ice shaver and pick and lemon squeezer. A cellarette, from which a great many of the recipes contained herein may be prepared, should contain: Gin, whisky, brandy, sherry, curacoa, French and Italian vermouth, angostura and orange bitters, grenadine and sugar syrup. Just because a particular recipe calls for ah ingredient not possessed by the home mixer, he should not become discouraged. He should remember that many of the finest beverages have been discovered by the substitution of one syrup or cordial for another, the addition of a further ingredient and,in some instances, the omission of an ingredient. To sum all in a few words, use the head, proceed along sane lines, mix a few of the "What-have-you" variety, and the knack of knowing how, and when, will come, along with much experience. Gesundheit.

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