1930 The Home Bartender's Guide and Song Book

THB BARTBNDRR'S GUIDB AND SONG BOOlt ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~--------~--------~~~~~~~~~~----~


* One part Italian Vormouili Two perts Apple Brand., Two duhea of Grenadine Two de1hea of pioeapplo iuioo Sbake with ice and aorTo


Before the advent of this popular recipe people ate apples. After the coun~ry became flooded with Jersey Moon, the younger generation learned that their ancestors had made a sad mistake. For everybody now knows that apples are grown to drink t . ·-·. Way back in 1900 they really used apple brandy in this one. Now our redder noses demand good old Jersey applejack. Need we tell you that it works just as well? . ·-· .. You need armor to withstand this one. Back of the stockyards out in Chicago, they used to drink one of these before breakfast, and go out and look for a policeman to beat up. P. S.-They still do it.


A mixing glau half full of fine ioe Two daahea of bitten One iiUer of apple brandy Mix and strain into a oookteil glaH Add a piece of twisted lemon peel * Fine ice in mixing gleH Three dashes of orente bitten Helf a jigger of sherry Half a jigger of Italian Vermouth Mix, strain into cocktail glasa Add a piece of orange peel


Gin Rickey

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