1930 The Home Bartender's Guide and Song Book



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''You May Tempt the Upper Classes with Your Villainous Demi– tasses, But Heaven Will Protect the Working



We Never Speak as We Pass By

Our lot was peace, so fair, so bright, One sunny day, no gloomy night; No life on earth more pure than ours, In that dear home, 'midst fields and fl ower;,

Tlie spell is past, the dream is o'er, And tho we meet, we love no more! One heart is crush'd to droop and die, And for relief must heav'nward fl.y/ The once bright smile has faded, gone, And given way to looks forlorn! D espite her grandeur's wicked fl.ame, Sh e stoops to blush beneath her shame.

Until the tempter came to N ell, H e dau led her, alas, she fell !

I n gilded hall ' midst w ealt h she dwells, How her lieart aches, lier sad face tells, Sh e fain would smile, seem bright and gay, B ut conscience steals her peace away; And w hen t he flatt erer casts aside My fallen and dishonored bride, I'll close lier eyes, in deat h fo rgive, L1 nd in my heart her name shall live.

T17e never speak as we pass by, A lt ho a tear bedims her eye;

I know she th inks of her past life, W hen we w ere loving man and w ife. In guileless yout h I sought her side, And she became my v irt uous bride,

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