1930 The Home Bartender's Guide and Song Book



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T he sweetest thing in life ( A nd no 0 11 e da re say nay ) On a S a.t urda y aft erno on, Is walking down B roadwa'}'; My sisters in the P ark Or at Long Branch w ish to stray, Bu t I pref er to w alk Down the f estiv e, gay B roadway. 17 a!king dow n Broadwa:y , The f estive, gay Broadway, The 0. K. thing on Sa.trtrday Is walking dow >i B roadway ! Walking clow n Broadway . ' The f estive, gay Broadway, Th e 0. K. thing on SaJurday I s wal king down B roadu 'a.;• !

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* Shake!' one-half full of broke11 ice Add two dashes Angostura Two dashes Curacao


The manager of the Hotel Royal, in Florence, Italy, forwards this one to us. And after three rounds of it, we called her up (Florence). The next time you are up in Canada, try it, and wire him your congratulations.

One teaspoonful of plain syrup Three-quarter wineglass Seagnam'• V. O. L emon peel Shake well and serve * Three part s W hiskey Two parts Vermouth Cinzano O ne part White Sat in G in Two parts lemon juice, five drops Curacae.


Mr. Bozidar Bogdanovi tch , H ead Waite r of tl~e Grand H o tel d e Mad r id , Seville, Spain, sent .this one w i th h is compl iments . We think he's a little weak in h is title. I t takes more than canvas to hold this one.

Five drops Angostura Bitters Shake well with ice rutd serve

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