1930 The Home Bartender's Guide and Song Book



I Was Drunk Last Night

I was drunk last night, I was drunk the night before, And I'll get drunk again to11ight As I was nwer drunk before.

Chorus : Glorious, glorious, One lug of beer for th e fo ur of u s; Glory be, there are no more of us, F or one of us could drink it all alo11e.

,When I'm drunk I'm happy as can ht, For I'm a member of the souse family.



Excellent for creating an argument between any self-respecting husband and wife. Any one of these will make you care less and less and less. (Divorce court to ·the right, madam, and don't stumble!) ......

White of one egg Teaspoonful Simple Syrup One part Absinthe One part Gin Ice, shake and 1treio iato eooktail 1lau



This sparkling throat-caresser is guaranteed to take every squeak out of your voice in · just 30 secon·ds. After the second round you'll believe you are a second Caruso-and after the third you'll probably get run in for violating the peace: But don't worry, yau've got an even-Stephen chance of singing yourself out of jail.

Equal parts of Dubonaet, Freadi Vermo1I.. and Dry Gin Shake well with fine Jee an4 ierve


.. ·-~

* Two parts Old Mull T wo parts Dry Gin One pert Plum Bundy One pa rt Italian Ver mouth Dash Cointreau Shake well with Ice a nd serve


~ served by Charli~ in th.e American Bar of t~e P1stany Private Casmo, P1stany, Czechoslovakia. Look out for that word, " Special." It means either good or bad, and the decision is strictly up to you . We understand that Czechoslavs a re Bo– hemians. Only a Bohemian cou ld stand a CA– SINO SPECIAL and live. 'i'




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