1930 The Home Bartender's Guide and Song Book




Try this one 1 you city boys who think you're so smart. This one comes from the country, whe re men are men, and the rye comes direct from the still in the barn. vVe heard about this one way out in Iowa. Was it wor th bringing back? And howl

A mixing.glass half-full of fine ice Two dashes of O range Bitters Two dashes of Boker's Bitters One piece of Lemon Pee l One jigger of Rye Whiskey Mix end strain into e cockteil glass

* Two parts Whiskey


This one is the specialty of the Grand Hotel Couronne et Poste, Brigue, Switzerland. Stand up and take three of these hand-running, and after you let the steam through your nostrils, see if it isn 1 t easy to climb an Alp or two. But look out for the crevasse l

Two parts Burnett's Old Tom Gin Four parts Vermouth mixed with Two parts Cointreau Two parts Angostura Bitters One teaspoonful Lemon Juice Shake well with fine ice and serve * Equal parts Rum Bacardi and Limo Juice One teaspoonful powdered sugar Shake well with fine ice end servo


Another one fam~us in Cuba. Sit this one down before a Southerner and he can spin yarns about the good old days all night long. You've probably heard that old Mothe r Goose Rhyme beginning: Daquiri, Daquiri, Dock, The J.lt ou.re ran up the Clock. It even works on mice I . ยท-~.



DI-DI is baby-talk for dear, dear 1 as everybody knows. Stay out with the gang some night and try a few of these (just a few, now) and when you arrive home, the one thing your wife will not say is DIDI.

Two-thirds Gin One-third syrup of freshly cooked rhubarb juice. Frappe Garnish with sprig of fresh crushed , mint




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