1930 The Home Bartender's Guide and Song Book



Chorus : Down went Jl,f cGinty to the bottom of the wall, And though he won the /ii 1 e, he was more dead than aliv e, Sure his ribs, and nose, and back were broke from getting su ch a f all, Dressed in his best suit of clothes. From the hospital lvlac went home, when they fixed his broken hrme, To /ind he was the father of a child; So to celebrate it right, his f rimd he went to invite, A nd he soon was drinking whiskey fast a!ld w ild; Then he waddled down the street in his Sunday suit so neat, Holding up his head as proud as John the Great; But in t he sidewalk was a hole, to receiv e a ton of coal, That McGinty never saw till just too late.

Chorus: Dow n went 111 cGinty to the bottom of the hole,

Then the driver of the cart gav e the load of coal a start, A nd it took us half an hour to dig McGi11ty from the coal, Dressed in his best suit of clothes.

Now J.1cGinty rav ed and swore, about his clothes he f elt so sore, And an oath he took he'd kill the man or die; So he tightly grabbed his stick and hit the driver a lick, Th en he raised a little shanty on his eye; But tw .o policemen saw the muss and they soon joined in the fu ss, Then they ran M cGinty in for being drunk; And the Judge says w ith a smile, we will keep you for a while I n a cell to sleep upon a prison bunk. fVhe re his board w ould cost him nix and he sta~;ed e:rnctly six, They were big lo ng months he stopped, for no one went his bail, Dressed in his best suit of clothes. N ow M cGinty, thin and pale, one fine day got out of jail, And with joy to see his hoy w as nearly wild; T o his house he qu ickly ran to meet his wife Bedaley Ann, B ut she'd skipped away and took along the child; T hen he gave up in despair, and he madly pulled his hair, As he stood one day upon the riv er shore, Kn owing well he couldn't swim, he did foolishly jump in, A /though water he had never took before. Chorus: Down w ent McGinty t o t he bottom of tlze say, And he must he very wet f or t hey haven't fou nd him yet, But they say his ghost comes round th e docks bef ore t he break of day , Dressed in his best suit of clothes. Chorus: Dow n went McGin ty to the bott om of the jail,



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