1930 The Home Bartender's Guide and Song Book



* Two dashes of Lemon Juice One dash of Orange Juice Two parts Dry Gin One port Grenadine Shake with ice and serve


EUREKA is Greek for "I have found it." It is the word Archimedes, the great scientist, shouted when he discovered some sort of scientific princi– ple. Poor old Arch didn't have the good fortune to discover this one, but 'l\re did and we 've been shouting EUREKA ever since.



This one is named after any pair of n.ewly-weds, because they both swear that they are going to go through life on a fifty-fifty basis. Try it at your next wedding, but be careful about mentioning it after the honeymoon.

One-half cocktail "I 0 h "ass Fr h ne- .alf cocktail glass Vic~n~ Vermouth Pour mto cockte'I h ers Gin S ' s aker h I hake well until cold h a f filled With . ' t en gerve ice






If you don't h.appen to hav~ Five Fruits 1 try it with Four Fruits, Three Fruits, or no fruits. It's equally good. We suggest that you set this batch down beside you some tine moonlight night, when your best girl has gone out with some other man. Don't worry, it will make you forget her! . . ~-· ..

(For Sfa: Cockt ·1 ) T ai s wo oz. Fiv F . N . e ru1ts me oz. Rye Juice of three 0 A few dashe A ranges p · 5 ngost ut into cocktail

;ra Bitters well and strain int s aker With • 0 coclct ·1

ice-eh •-

a1 l!lass




I n honor of Henry William Thomas, Master l\1ix– ologist of W ashington, D. C. He used to guar– antee to clear any throat in jig time with just one of these. Grump-gr-r-u-m-p ! Excellent for tak– i-ng the place of the well-known water-pitcher on any speaker's table.

Two parts Peach B 0 ne part French \' Two dashes of G ermouth Sh renadin alee well with fi • e ne ice randy

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