1930 The Home Bartender's Guide and Song Book





Have a miJL.ing.glass half.full of fi ne ice Add two dashes of Peyschaud or Boker'• Bitters One jigger of Tom Gin Mix well, strain into a cocktail-glau Add a small piece of Lemon Peel

Very similar to the Plymouth Gin Cocktail, and just as good, too. It was very important that you used the brand of bitters specified in order to get just the right flavor.


* One portion of Gin


One-half portion Simple Syrup Two dashes Bitters One dash Curacao

The Curacao mentioned in this recipe is ·generally made in Holland from the skin of oranges, flavored with Jamaica Rum. It gives just the right flavor to this marvelous GIN SPECIAL.

Fill the glass half full of cracked ice, shake and strain into cocktail-glass. Twist piece of lemon peel


P. T. Barnum, s Show

Good evening to you everyone. ] brought the old bmijo, To tt ll you all what happened to me - Whtn I went to Barnum's Show . I saw the leopard change his spots, Said one dog to another, "Oh m etl me> love, hy the moonlight, .And l

The mollkey and the elephant Were playing seven up, The spider and the blue-tailed PY lf?ere eating Kaiser's pup. The kangaroo danced a polka 'fF ith the baboon's little brother,

The skunk and the fat man go t mixed up, So you could~'t tell w hich was ' to t her. [Cho rus]

Barnum and the happy family Went out on a drun k, The alligator came rolling home,

Chorus: I f you want t o have some fu n, I will tell you w here to go To see t lie lion st uffed with straw , At P. T. Bar11111n's S how.

And rolled in th e bull fro g's hunk. The camel called the kangaroo a liar, Said the baboon was a f ool, T he mosquito got on his dignity, .And pulverized th e mule. [Ch orus]





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