1930 The Home Bartender's Guide and Song Book



The Captivating Dude

H e walks along Fifth Avenue With steps of airy grace, A look of limpid vacancy Upon hir baby face; His cane he poses in his hand With novel attitude, Hir collar reaches to his ears, This captivating " dude" I

Chorus :Look at the "dude," Charming young dude, Sweet-scented " baby," Saucy and rude– Co/lar so high, Pants to him glued, Sweet captivating dude.

He ambles in his best make-up From noon till twilight gray ; You'll meet him auywhere in tow n TF here fashio n holds its sway ; He wears a rosebud in his breast And oft it is renewed, He's sprinlcled over w ith perfume, This captivating " dude"! [Ch<>rus] He's just too young t<> be a man, To<> old to be a boy, And when he meets a beauty's glance, His bosom heaves w ith i<>y, He says, "Ah, there! y{)U saucy thing!" He lisps a light " ta-ta," Oh! he's the very picture of A dandy " lah-de-da." [Che>rus]


* F ill a mixing-glass half full of fine ice One dash of Gum Syrup Three dashes of Boker's Bitters Half a jigger of Italian Vermouth Half a jigger of Brandy Mix and strain into a cocktail-glass Then fill up with seltzer and serve quick


There are numerous HARVARD COCKTAILS, but this one ranks among the first. And anyone who can handle three in a row also ranks among the first. We must say, that after trying this one, our regard for Johnny Harvard went up from a full-house to a royal-flush. Here's to you, Johnny!



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