1930 The Home Bartender's Guide and Song Book



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r - - --------------------------------------~-- .. ABSINTHE BRACER I I I J - I Jl


If you want action quick, these are. the babies that caress your throat and dynamite your stomach at one and the same time. Two sips and a sniff will rock you in the cradle of the deep. We place them first in this list of joy producers, because they placed us first in their list of sleep producers. Absinthe is manufactured in both France and Switzerland. The best brands contain between 70 and 80 per cent alcohol. Its flavoring comes from various species of wormwood. . ·-·.

Fill mixing-glass half-full of fine ice Ono part Absinthe

One part. ltalilUl Vermouth A dash of A.ngostura bitten

T"iat a piece of lemon peol on top Mix and strain into cocktail glaH

* Three or four dashes of gum syrup One dash of Angostura One dash of Anisette One part of "ater to three parts of Absinthe Four parts to a glass for each person T"ist a piece of lemon peel Mix and strain into cocktail glasa


They say that "absinthe makes the heart grow fonder"-After three · rounds of these we got so fond of one girl that it cost us plenty to convince her we hadn't promised to marry her.

"One on the House 0


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