1930 The Home Bartender's Guide and Song Book




* Dip rim of glass in plate dampened with lemon juice and then in powdered sugar Cut a V-shaped piece of orange end place in glass on end of toothpick One end one-half oz. "White Sa tin" Teaspoon of lemon or orange juice, one teaspoon powdered sugar, white of one egg, cracked ice. Shake well and serve * Vermouth and a Hazel Nut in glass

Perfectly named-friends-literally smooth as satin-this one. Try it at a somber party some time just to vary the monotony. Ladies have raved over this one-before and after taking– especially after. ......


"Thrilling, positively thrilling-my deah-and so convincing-so utterly convincing." No gentle kiss hers-no soft caressing touch of lips. A Widow's Kiss-but-blistery-passionate, this one. Excellent before playing post-office-or spin– the-bottle, and again we say, "We warned you t"

Half Dry Gin Helf Dubonnet Two dashes of Maraschioe> Ice, shake and strain


* Fill a mixing.glass half-full of 6ne ice Three dashes of Orange Bitters One dash of Peyscheud Bitters Mix, strain into cocktail glass Add a squirt of siphon seltzer * Two parts Dry G in Juice of one-half Lime One part each of Creme Yvette and Sweet Cream A piece of Lemon Peel One jigger of Tom Gin

This one was the real reason for Yale's great popularity among young men around 1900. Ask any "Old Grad" about this one-then set back and get an ear fu ll about the days when this was part of a college curriculum-and a woman was proud of a billowing figure. ......


If you've ever had one, you'll never forget it– nor regret it. You've probably heard of that book, "They Had to See P aris"-Well, this was the reason - the real reason. They had to try YVEITEl

Bar spoon of sugar Shake well with Ice



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