1930 The Home Bartender's Guide and Song Book


* Into a tall thin glass drop One lump of ice One Preserved Cherry One wineglass Peter Dawson Fill " ·ith ginger ale; serve with • 1pocn


Some fine lad probably set out to forget the girl, whose name this one bears, and his attempt was so epic that forever after it will bear her name. \Vell, it is better to have loved and lost, than not to have loved at all!


* Into a amall tumbler put White of one egg


A M·ardi-Gras would never be a Mardi-Gras without the aid of this soothsayer. Take one and you'll see the parade. Take two and you'll see two parades. Take three and you won't see any parade. Anyhow, here's to the Mardi-Gras.

Juice of half Lemon Wineglau full Gin Stir and fill tun1bler with seltzer

4 ••••

* Fill large tumbler two-thirds full 1haved ice One egg One heaping teaspoon Fruit Sugar Five dashes Lemon Juice, two dashes Lime Juice One wineglass Green Stripe Shake well, strain into fizz glass. Fill up with Apollinaris or seltzer and 1erve * Shaker three-fourths filled with ·shaved ice Fcur dashes Lemon Juice One heaping teaspoonful sugar White of one e·gg One wineglass Gin Shake well; strain into tall glass. Fill with eeltz er water and serve


When your girl threatens to leave you, and your family won't speak to you, and your boss at the office says you're not a so-and-so bit of good around there, pour yourself out one of these. Now what do you care!

4 .....


Brothe r or sister to the Golden Fizz, we don't just know which. And after trying a few, we've come to the conclusion that SILVER FIZZ's are just as valuable as GOLDEN FIZZ's. We're reckless like that l


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