1931 Old Waldorf Bar Days by Albert Stevens Crockett

Old Waldorf Bar Days

MARMALADE One-quarter French Vermuth One-quarter Italian Vermuth One-half Nicholson Gin

Two slices Orange Shaved Ice; frappe well


Dash of Orange Bitters One-half Tom Gin One-halfltalian Vermuth Stir; strain


In honor of John R. MacLean, long proprietor of the Cin– cinnati Enquirer and the Washington Post. MacLean was a frequent patron of the Bar in its older days. With him al– ways traveled his.J?dus dchates and lieutenant, McBride, a genial story-teller and general good fellow, who graced the Bar oftener than did his principal. MacLean was once owner of the old New York Morning Journal, buying it from Albert Pulitzer, brother of Joseph. He used to think he made a good deal by selling to William R. Hearst for a much higher figure than it cost him. Subsequent events re– vealed that Mr. Hearst had not made a bad bargain after all.

One-quarter Italian Vermuth One-quarter French Vermuth One-half Gordon Gin Frappe·


One dash Absinthe Two dashes Cherry Brandy Two-thirds Whisk~y One-third Italian Vermuth Stir; strain

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