1931 Old Waldorf Bar Days by Albert Stevens Crockett

Old Waldorf Bar Days

PING PONG Named after a game said to have originated in England, but which Boldt installed in the big room next to the Bar in its early days. Bar habitues learned to play it, but some;– times experienced difficulty in hitting the right ball, claim– ing three or four were going over the net at one time, in– stead of one. Dash of Orange Bitters One-half Sloe Gin One-half Frerich Vermuth

POET'S DREAM One-third Benedictine

One-third French Vermuth One-third dry Gin Lemon Peel, squeezed on top

POLO Not after Marco, the adventurer, but after the game which in those days was little known except to the fashion– able. That was before Meadowbrook had hurled its young men and its wealth into a comparative void in our National outdoor life.

One-fourth Lemon Juice One-fourth Orange Juice One-half Rum Frappe

One-third French Vermuth One-third Italian Vermuth One-third Gordon Gin


One Orange Peel Frappe a la Bronx



Sloe Gin Rickey with dash of Grenadine

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