1932 The art of Mixing by James A Wiley

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EMPIRE PUNCH In a large glass put 3 or 4 lumps of ice, then add 1 t easpoonful Maraschino, I teaspoonful Cura– cao, 1 teaspoonful Benedictine, 1 teaspoonful Brandy, 1 wineglass of Claret. Fill balance with Champagne, stir well and decorate with fruits in season or drink them all separately and eat the ice. FANTASIO COCKTAIL Add 1/3 Gin to 1/ 3 Brandy with 1/ 6 mint flavor– ing and 1/6 Maraschino cherry juice. Emulsify in ice and slide it down the inside of your n eck. FISH HOUSE PUNCH Half fill a large glass ·with chopped ice, add 1 small glass of Whiskey, the juice of 1 lemon. Fill with syphon. Stir, decorate with fruits in season, float a little Rum on top, and serve with straw. FLU COCKTAIL 1 h ealthy dash of Jamaica Ginger, 1 teaspoonful of l emon juice, 1 teaspoonful sugar syrup, 1 tea– spoonful Brandy, 1 drink of Rye Whiskey. Stir together and serve in same glass, with or without ice.

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