1932 The art of Mixing by James A Wiley

GIN SLING With juice of 1 l emon put 1 small glass of Gin and 1 t easpoonful of Grenadine and 1 small gl ass of plain water. Insert ice and run up the Bunker Hill Monu– ment.


As prescribed for Brandy Smash.

GLOOM CHASER COCKTAIL 1/ 6 Curacao, 1/ 6 Grand Marnier, 1/ 6 Grenadine, 1/ 6 l emon juice, 1/ 3 Bacardi Rum. Shake well, strain into cocktail glass, and laff darn y a , laff. GoLDEN Fizz Similar to Gin Fizz. Yolk of a fresh egg added and a touch more of the Gin. GREEN BRIAR COCKTAIL Bury one sprig of fresh mint under 1 dash peach bitter s, 1/ 3 French Vermouth and 2/ 3 Sherry. Embalm in ice, take for a ride and-remove the r em a ins. HICCUP COCKTAIL Throw 1 spot orange bitters and 2 dash es Cura– cao and 1/ 3 Gin, and 2/ 3 Italian Vermouth together. Stir and soive in ice.

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