1932 The art of Mixing by James A Wiley


flAppy DAYS COCKTAIL Into a wineglass drop finely chopped ice, the juice of one orange, one small glass of Cherry Brandy; fill balance with Champagne. Serve werry, werry cold. HARVARD COCKTAIL To 1 dash of sugar syrup and 2 dashes Angos– tura and % Brandy put % Italian Vermouth. Combine vigorously with ice, and strain into glasses, or buckets, as the case may be. HELLE RAISER Into a shaker % full of cracked ice slip equal parts of Cherry Brandy, French Vermouth, and a dash of peach bitters. Conduct through the usual calisthenics and skoal! HOFFMAN HOUSE COCKTAIL Mix: 2/3 Gin, 1/ 3 French Vermouth, 1 dash of orange bitters and plenty ice, in three quarter time. Squeeze a curl of orange peel on the top. A swell gargle. HOMESTEAD COCKTAIL 1/3 Italian Vermouth and 2/ 3 Gin with skads of ice, whistle through a half minute of applied shoulder shaking and serve with 1 slice of orange.

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