1932 The art of Mixing by James A Wiley

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QUEEN'S COCKTAIL Put 1 chunk of pineapple and 1 slice of orange in the shaker. Add ice, 1/ 3 Italian Vermouth, 1/ 3 French Vermouth and 1/3 Gin. Spend a few shaking minutes on this and it is made to the Queen's taste. REFORM COCKTAIL Crash 1 dash orange hitters into 1/ 3 French Ver· mouth with 2/3 Sherry and much ice. Strangle the shaker and-reform. REMSEN COOLER First peel a lemon keeping the rind in one piece; place in large glass. Add 2 lumps of ice, a snort of Scotch Whiskey. Fill balance with soda water, seltzer or \Vhite Rock. Hoot, mon, a hraw drappy! RocK AND RYE 1 teaspoonful of Rock Candy Syrup or Sugar Syrup, juice of 1h lemon, 1 whiskey glass of Rye Whiskey. Stir together, and serve together after squeez– ing a curl of l emon peel on top. ROSE COCKTAIL To 2/ 3 French Vermouth add 1/ 6 Gin and 1/ 6 Syrup Groseille; ice, and proceed as per Reform Cocktail.

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