1932 The art of Mixing by James A Wiley

33-·--·-- ...------ .....


Win applause with: I dash p each bitter s, I dash orange bitters, I dash French Ve rmouth, 1 glass Sherry, all shook up. SHERRY FLIP As the I yolk of an egg is dropped into 1 tea– spoonful of sugar, add 1 glass of Sherry and re– strain yourself until it's well shaken in ice. Then strain, spread a little nutmeg on the left side and consume. SHORT LIFE COCKTAIL Drink 1/ 3 Vodka, 1/ 3 Calvados and 1/ 3 P ernod mixed togeth er, four times in a row, and the in– surance company will cancel your policy. SIDE-CAR COCKTAIL To 1/ 3 Cointreau (Triple sec.), add 1/ 3 Brandy and 1/ 3 l emon juice, shuffle in ice and deal. SILVER Fizz, No. 1 Gathe r the white of an almost-hen and add 1 tea– spoonful su gar or Orgeat syrup , 2 dash es of Mara– schino, 1 dash of orange bitters, 1h French Ver– mouth and 1h Gin, scramble in Greenland, strain and dispense.

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