1932 The art of Mixing by James A Wiley

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SILVER Fizz, No. 2 To just 2 dash es su gar syrup add just 2 dashes orange bitter s and only 3 dash es Maraschino then 1h French Vermouth and 1h Gin and a sprinkling of ice. Stir with monkey wren ch and serve with a squeezed curl of l emon p eel. SILVER STREAK COCKTAIL Get a load of 1h Kummel and 1h Gin and enough ice. Shake and give some away unless you're a hog. w ALTER COCKTAIL Slip 1 t easpoonful of Grenadine, 1 t easpoonful of Curacao, 1 t easpoonful of l emon juice into lh Brandy and 1h Rum with 4c worth of ice. Tie shaker around your n eck and jump rope for 3 minutes- serve. Six CYLINDER CocKTAIL Mix 1/ 6 Cherry Brandy, 1/ 6 Gin, 1/ 6 Campari, 1/ 6 Dubonnet, 1/ 6 Fren ch Vermouth and 1/ 6 Italian Vermouth. Put in circulation-but let your wife drive home. SKOAL COCKTAIL Mak e up 1/ 3 Swedish Punch, 1/ 3 Anisette and 1/ 3 lemon juice, soak in ice, agitate, and fill the glawses. Skoal! SIR

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