1932 The art of Mixing by James A Wiley


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YOKOHAMA COCKTAIL To a dash of Absinthe, add 1/6 Grenadine, 1/ 6 Vodka, 1/ 3 oran ge juice and 1/ 3 Gin. Shake plenty and handsomely. Serve in eye droppers. Z AZARAC COCKTAIL 1/ 6 Bacardi Rum, 1/ 6 Anisette, 1/6 sugar syrup, 1h Rye Whisk ey, 1 dash of Angostura Bitter s, 1 dash of Orange B itter s, 3 dashes of Absinthe. Shake well, strain into small-size d glass, squeeze l emon p eel on top , and u se instead of tooth paste. BRoMo SELTZER Put one t easpoonful of Bromo Seltzer into a glass and h alf fill same with seltzer , soda water, or Water of the Faucet. Pour from this glass into another and r eturn. Imbibe immediately. PRAIRIE OYSTER COCKTAIL Put two t easpoonfuls of Worcest er Sauce into a nice clean gl ass, drop the yolk of a fresh egg in without breaking it, add a little r ed p epper and salt, and pour two spoonsful of Malt Vinegar on top. Hold on with one hand and drink quickly. You'll straighten up-and how! AND AFTERWARD

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