1932 The art of Mixing by James A Wiley

FoREWORD ............................................................. T HE ART OF MIXING is the result of much research in many climes. filt contains 235 recipes arranged alphabetically, and spiced with humor, among other things. i:IReference is made herein to Campari, Creme de Violette, Orange Curacoa and other liqueurs of a bygone time, almost impossible to obtain in this day and age. But substitute, 0, Connoisseur, substitute a non– alcoholic beverage of the same name in similar quantities to go with the other more familiar in– gredients. This will result in an almost as good taste. i:IMoreover, in most of the recipes the in– gredients have been proportioned in fractional quantities, making the use of a standard measur– ing unit unnecessary and allowing any number of drinks to be prepared at the same time. The other recipes not so proportioned are either of the "mixed in a glass" variety with a few drops of this and that or of the punch bowl class, mixed with a few quarts of these and those. i:IFor the most part, the compilation of this rec– ord proved a most pleasant task whose comple– tion leaves the searchers with little excuse for dallying in divers pleasant places. A single read– ing should, we hope, prove a boon to those now v

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