1933 Hollywood Cocktails (third printing)

WHIP COCKTAIL 1 3 Dash Absinthe Dashes Curacao

WILD WEST COCKTAIL Dash Lemon Juice Bacardi Rum East India Punch y4 %

French Vermouth Italian Vermouth Brandy Shake well and strain into cock tail glass.

y4 y4 ya

Shake well and strain intocock tail glass.

WILL ROGERS COCKTAIL y Orange Juice Yi French Vermouth Plymouth Gin Dashes Curacao y2 4

WHISKY COCKTAIL 1 Dash Angostura Bitters 4 Dashes Syrup

1 Glass Canadian Club Whisky Stir well and strain into cock tail glass. Add a cherry. WHISKY SPECIAL COCKTAIL (6 people) 3 Glasses Whisky 2 Glasses French Vermouth ^ Glass Orange Juice Pour into the shaker and shake, adding a little nutmeg. Serve with an olive. This is a very dry cocktail. WHISPER COCKTAIL (6 people) Gl asses Whisky Glasses French Vermouth Glasses Italian Vermouth

Shake well and strain into cock tail glass.

WILSHIRE BOULEVARD COCKTAIL 73 Creme de Cacao Apricot Brandy Sweet Cream ys ys

Use liqueur glass and pour care fully. so that ingredients do not mix.

WHIZ-BANG COCKTAIL 2 Dashes Absinthe 2 Dashes Grenadine 2 Dashes Orange Bitters Vs French Vermouth Scotch Whisky

Pour into shaker half full of cracked ice. Shake well and serve. 39


Shake well and strain into cock tail glass.

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