1934 Angostura Recipes

The World's Rest Kept Secret

The formula of Angostura is truly the "World's Best Kept Secret." Since 1824 this formula has heen known to only seven people, all members of the Sie gert family. Hence it is that the three living holders of this price less secret now produce in Trini dad, B- W. I., this famous prod uct for use in every civilized country of the world; where it is now one of the essentials of good living. whiskey drinks. Test them.Then choose your favorites. 42 recipes for delicious home dishes, from 15 world-famous chefs. Each dish is practical for home use, perfectly simple and easy to make.Each comes from a chef who ranks as a real "artist." Each is a pleasant surprise. 42 dishes that these chefs and their wives prefer when planning an intimate meal to he served in the privacy of their own homes!

In 1824 Dr. Johaiin Gottlieb Benjamin Siegert.once a surgeon in Blueoher's army, developed Angostura Bitters as a tonic for tropical fever. Thus Angostura was first used as a tonir, with both spirits and food. In the course of time stories of the un usual and delicious flavor that Angostura imparts to foods and drinks built up far greater fame for this unique product. Angostura recipes! Leading bartenders give 42 authentic recipes for the most important drinks. Famous chefs give their private home recipes for 42 ap petizing dishes! 42 recipes for delicious drinks! Each is proven and tested. Each recipe has added to the reputa tion of its sponsor. Each recipe can be accepted as authentic. Recipes for gin drinks, recipes for rum drinks and recipes for

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