1934 Bottoms Up



2 quarts Gin 2 quarts Grape Fuit Juice

V2 cup Grenadine or mixed fruits syrup Pour over chopped ice in a punch bowl.

EASY Dash of Orange Bitters Y 4 ltalian Vermouth %Gin Shake; strain.


Fifty-Fifty Cocktail

I egg 1 portion Rye 1 tablespoon powdered sugar Fill glass with milk. Grated nutmeg on top.

Yi Dry Gin \4 Dry Vermouth

ABSINTHE COCKTAIL Three parts absinthe, one part water, two or three dashes.of syrup, one dash ?f Angostura Bitters, one dash of ~range b1.t• ters one dash of anisette. Stir or mix tho:Oughly, and serve with twist of lemon peel on top.

ABSINTHE FRAPPE Use a mixing glass haH full of shaved ice. One pony of absinthe, tw_o teas~ns­ f ul of fruit sYrup, flavor with amsett~. Shake well till shaker is frosted, then stram into a cocktail glass and serve.

Alexander I Part Brandy 1 Part Creme de Cacao 1 Part Sweet cream Shake with ice and strain.

11.CTOR One white of egg, two teaspoonsful of syrup, one part of abfilnth~ ~me part o.f gin; ice, shake well and stram mto cocktail glass.


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