1934 Bottoms Up


LOCOMOTIVE Use a large bar glass. One egg·yolk, one-half tablespoon of sugar and one pony of honey mixed well together, one-half pony Curacao, one and a half wineglass at Burgundy or claret, boiled. Mix all thor· oughly •ogether; place a thin slice of lemon on top, with a sprinkle of cinnamon, and serve.

LOVEY DOVEY One part gin, two parts Italian ver.– mouth, three dashes of Curacao. la, shake and strain into cocktail glass.

2 Parts Dry Gin I Part Dry Vermouth I Dash Cointreau 1 Part Grand Marnier

LOVER'S One jigger of Bourbon whiskey, one dash of Benedictine or Yellow Chartreuse, a few drops each of Grenadine and lemon juice or lime. Shake and strain into cock– tail glass containing a maraschino cherry.

GRENADIER Two parts apple brandy, one part Ital– ian vermouth, one or two dashes of Gren, adine, one or two dashes of grape juic.e, twQ or three dashes of orange bitters. Shake thoroughly with fine ice.

FLIER 1•3 Lemon Juice-2-3 Gin 2 dashes Maraschino.

l Small glass of gin 1 Teaspoon of sugar syrup }w~~r°!n~&feinon 2 Ice cubes

Shake well, strain and serve with soda water.


GIGOLO A mixing glass one third full of fine ice. One pony of apple brandy, one pony of Chartreuse (green), a pony of berry juice, a dash of orange bitters: Mix well and strain into cocktail glass.

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