1934 Bottoms Up


ABSINTHE is the forbidden liquor. It is of greenish h11 ·, bitter to the taste and of aromatic nature.

ANISETTE is an extract of the anise seed. Splendid for that finishing touch.

APPLE JACK-Distilled from apple juice. Might have been called (and with reason) "T.N.T. Cider." Life of the party.

BENEDICTINE is a cordial derived from the happy exp ri• ments of the Benedictine monks of France. It is said to be a com• bination of angelica root, amica flowers, cardamon seeds, thy1m , lemon peel, nutmegs, cassia, peppermint, hyssop and cl v s. Delightful.

BITTERS result when herbs and wines or brandies get tog th 1 A cathartic and tonic effect is noticeable. Among the bett r ~n wn bitters are Angostura, containing the bark of a South Am rican t ; Calisaya, containing cinchona, or quinine; Orange, Boon •kamp ; Amer Picon and Peychand. Good for what ails you.

BRANDY. From the Dutch word Brandewign meaning "hurnt wine." Distilled from wine or fermented fruit juices. Touches th spot.

CREME DE CACAO is distilled from the cocoa bean. Clear?

CREME DE CASSIS. A walloper. French. Black currants started it. 2

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