1934 Bottoms Up




LANDLUBBER One and a half jiggers of Vicker's Lon– don Dry one pony of Grenadine, one pC>' ny of ~ cream. Use cracked ice, shake thorouehlv, serve in wineglass.


2 parts Scotch 1 part Gin 1 eablespoon Rum Juice of half a Lime l teaspcx:m Powdered Sugar Ice an d shake well.

Fill glass with: 2·5 Scotch 2· 5 Italian Vermouth 1·5 Orange Bitters

LIFE SAVER Eno's fruit salts, bromo seltzer, milk of magnesia, baking soda, sulphur and molaat– es, aspirin, four quarts of water.


Juice of half a lemon, three or four dash· es of maraschino, three dashes of simple syrup, one jigger of gin. Shake well, strain into half. glass of cracked ice and add charged water.

SUNRISE Two-thirds dry gin, one-third Grena· dine, a few drops of orange juice, a half· teaspoonful of lemon juice, a dash of An· gostura. Ice, shake and serve.

1 Wineglass of Brandy 1 Teaspoon pineapple syrup 2 Dashes orange bitters 1 Dash Maraschino

SODA COCKTAIL Use a large bar glass. One teaspoonful of sugar, four or five lumps of ice, three dashes of bitters, one or two slices of or• ange. Fill up the glass with lemon soda water.

Add ice and shake well.


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