1934 Bottoms Up

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OLD FASHIONED TODDY Use an old fashioned cocktail glass. One teaspoonful of sugar dissolved in a little seltzer, two small ice-cubes, one winglass of Bourbon whiskey, Stir gently and serve with spoon in glass.

ORANGE BLOSSOM Use small tumbler, juice of one orange, one pony of gin. Ice, shake well and strain.

1 Wineglass Rye 1 Teaspoon sugar dissolved in little water 2 Dashes Angostura oitters

OYSTER Use a medium wineglass, thiee or four dashes of catsup, two medium sized oys.– ters, pepper and salt to season well, one dash of lemon juice and serve. Few drops of tabasco may be added.

2 Dashes orange Add cubes of ice l Dash absinthe (if desired).

HARVARD Dash of Orange Bitters 1/2 Brandy Y2 Italian Vermouth Stir, strain.


Jwce of V2 Lme l•3 Apricot Brand 1·3 Bacardi Frappe.

1 Part Bacardi 1 Part Brandy 1 Part'Curacao l Part Rye.

HONEY COKTAIL Teaspoon of honey, das~. of curacao and Angostura Bitters, three pggers sauteme.


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