1934 Bottoms Up



WHISKEY COCKTAIL One jigger of whiskey, three or four dashes of fruit or simple syrup, two or three dashes of bitters. Shake well and strain into glass. Serve with piece of twisted lemon peel on top.


l White of Egg 5 teaspoons Lemon Juice 1 portion Rye 1 bottle Soda Water 1 teaspoon Powdered Sugar.

1 Jigger Rye or Scotch 1 Teaspoon gum syrup 4 Dashes lemon juice

Shake well, adding ice, and strain in– to coc:ktail glass. Dres.s with fruits.

WHIFF Equal parts of gin and coffee ice cream (soft) . Shake thoroughly and serve.



One-third gin, one•third French ver· mouth, one-third Italian vennouth, one slice fresh pineapple. Ice, shake well and strain into cocktail glass, and _add pine– apple.

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PADDY'S TAY One pony of Irish whiskey, one pony of ltalian vermouth. Ice, shake and strain. Garnish with slice of orange peel.

Fill glass with 2·5 Scotch 2-5 Bacardi 1-5 Orange juice Add cracked ice and twist of lemon peel.

PLENTY O' PUNCH One part gin, one part French ver– mouth, one part Italian yermouth, juice of half an orange. Stir and serve in bar glass with one cube of ice and orange slice.


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